E.D.C. Eagle Distributing Company Inc.

Fishers, NY 14453
1(800) 825-5880


Hear what others have to say about this lifesaving informaton...

  • New York State Assemblyman Dave Koon:

    Fairport, N.Y.

    Protected:01/05/99 Activation:01/26/99

    "How does one express his thanks to you for installing your fire detection system in our home? It saved our home and possibly our lives! "

    In a letter nominating Eagle for a New York State Governors Award, Mr. Koon said,

    "I am proud to say that Eagle Distributing is devoted to saving lives and property with their fire detection system. Eagle's products in the fire prevention industry should be heralded as not only important but necessary for the safety of our communities. "

  • The Marshall Family:

    Geneva, N.Y.

    Protected:06/28/88 Activation:10/26/88

    "I can only urge people not to wait. Protect your family now. You may not get another chance."

  • The Voak Family:

    Penn Yan, N.Y.

    Protected:1978 Activation:02/01/79

    "Luckily, we survived the fire because of our fire detection system...we have our new system now and are very happy and feel much safer."

  • The Lightfoote Family:

    Stanley, N.Y.

    Protected:1987 Activation:1991

    "At the time, I thought it was the best investment we could make, even if we never used them. Now, when I realized it saved the kids' lives, I know it was."

  • The Mitchell Family: McGraw, N.Y.

    Protected:1975 Activation:07/15/85

    "We would without any hesitation, recommend this alarm system over any other that can be found, as they truly live up to their reputation."