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Which Room Would You Want the Firefighters to See First

Which Room Would You Want the Firefighters to See First?

When Seconds Count

When Seconds Count...it can make a difference

Putting People Locators in occupied bedrooms is an excellent way to help emergency responders to determine if a bedroom is occupied. These stickers are not just for children. We have "Special Needs Locators" as well as "People Locators".

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Time is Life... Life is Precious

Prepare, Practice, Prevent

FIRE, FIRE, FIRE...By the time these words are YELLED it will be too late for thousands of people who will perish in fire this year, and for the many thousands more who will be injured. Over 80% of these deaths and injuries from fire will occur where we all feel the safest, right in our own homes. THIS IS SHAMEFUL!

What if once a week in the USA, an airplane with 100 passengers went down killing all on board and injuring another 500 people on the ground? How long would we stand for such a persistent horror? You can bet that if this were happening, it would attract the media and government attention necessary to put a stop to it, and quick!

Most of the fires that kill and injure happen in our homes. They kill and injure in ones and twos. When the flames have been extinguished and the local news media has told the tragic story of another home fire, only close family and community members will be left to grieve the loss of their loved ones. As such, it is hard to focus the collective consciousness of the world to solve the home fire problem.

  • New York State Assemblyman Dave Koon:

    Fairport, N.Y.

    Protected:01/05/99 Activation:01/26/99

    "How does one express his thanks to you for installing your fire detection system in our home? It saved our home and possibly our lives!"

    In a letter nominating Eagle for a New York State Governors Award, Mr. Koon said,

    "I am proud to say that Eagle Distributing is devoted to saving lives and property with their fire detection system. Eagle's products in the fire prevention industry should be heralded as not only important but necessary for the safety of our communities. "